UI Trends to Watch in 2022

UI Trends to Watch in 2022

We feel like we are still lost in 2021 while we look into the top UI UX Trends 2022.

While the UI UX Trends 2021 were mostly influenced by the changes in lifestyle brought by COVID-19, we are very excited that we will finally move beyond this. In 2022, the top UI UX trends include exciting futuristic things such as metaverse, audio content, UX localization, etc.

Here is a list of fascinating design trends to look forward to in 2022

1. Minimalism and simplification

Well known and famous tech companies are spearheading this simple, informative, minimal interface design style (Revolut, Meta, Oculus etc.) Every year, this trend is getting the spotlight it deserves.

2. Brutalism

Brutalism embraces flat design, strong outlines, contrasting colors, bold typography and real/life photography. However, this new iteration of Brutalism forgoes one of its main defining factors — the seemingly absent grid. Currently, it uses all of the other traits, but conforms to a more standard layout, often seen in other design styles. One of the most recent examples of brutalism is this year’s Spotify Wrapped.

3. Holographic/neon

This cyber holo/neon trend is rapidly catching traction in the market. With the introduction to the metaverse, companies are turning toward a futuristic design. Vibrant, glowing colors, abstract, round shapes, hologram-looking textures, are typical for this trend. It’s also widely used in a lot of the crypto-space, as a way to show how futuristic those interfaces are.

4. Eco-Conscious Style

We, as consumers, are getting more and more eco-conscious every year. Most of us are willing to choose eco-friendly solutions on everyday basis. This style’s backgrounds are usually greyish to resemble recyclable cardboard. The typography is minimal in style. Contrast is high and colors are strict and muted. This style embraces real life photography, real life textures and doodles.

5. Wild Typography

Unlike the design world over a decade ago, the rules of Typography aren’t as rigid and stubborn about the implementation. As of now you can freely do whatever you would like to your header and footer. A mix fonts with shapes, photos and emojis, put a texture on it, choose a font that is very sophisticated in its form — and experiment with the grid as you like. The results can be interesting and pleasing visually, but it can also be completely unreadable.