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Unikove Technologies is a global custom software development company; having more than a decade experience in areas of enterprise mobile app development, integrated web solutions and software product engineering.

Guided by our technical digital experience, we provide a consultative-driven approach to building an end-to-end technology solution. Our strong focus on usability and visual design (UX & UI) along with our deep-rooted expertise in technologies; have helped us create multiple award-winning web and mobile solutions in the B2C and B2B segments.

We have expertise in working with clients across verticals such as publishing, education, automobile, health & pharmaceutical, fintech, retail, logistics, real estate to name a few. As a result, we are able to leverage cross-industry insights to create innovative solutions for an increasingly demanding digital audience. We have also worked extensively with startups, and together have created state-of-the-art digital products that have won accolades in their respective verticals.

"Our client & employee relationships are built on trust, ethics and confidentiality that helps us guide our business strategies and future growth"

unikove advantage

We are driven by inter-personal relationships, processes, effective use of technology and positive attitude towards embracing change. This has resulted in us maturing into a core dependable extension of our client’s internal team.

  • Technology & Domain Experience

    Technology & Domain Experience

    We have developed over 800+ web and mobile solutions globally across verticals.

  • Visual Experience Design

    Visual Experience Design

    Our visual experience team has been consistently designing to satisfy the end users.

  • Innovation


    Our growth & customer’s success is driven by our innovative strategies and training labs.

  • Culture


    We foster an eco-system that strives for collaboration, accountability & focus on of work-life balance.

  • Scalable


    We have the capacity to scale rapidly and adopt new technologies drawing from a pool of talented skilled resources.

  • Methodology


    We have crafted our own ‘3i Methodology’ that stands for Interact, Ideate and Implement; following the principles of Agile Methodology.


global presence

Unikove Technologies has the global advantage of being able to collaborate with clients from UK, Canada, US, Singapore and India. Our sales office is located in London and the development team is based out of the New Delhi Region; India.

leadership team

Unikove Technologies leadership team is an effective combination of strategic thinking, relationship management, creativity and technology experts.

  • Jasmeet Batra

    Founder & CEO


    Jasmeet (an engineer from DCE) has a track record of building success stories. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry across verticals like Publishing, Education, FinTech, FMCG, and Healthcare - he brings extensive experience in creating Business Strategies, Managing and establishing large teams and building strong Client Relationships. He started his career with Tata Unisys Ltd working extensively on multitude of technologies and joined HCL Technologies where he spent more than 9 years, growing & managing multiple large accounts.

  • Vini Gupta

    creative director


    A degree in Applied Arts, Diploma in Photography, Certified Usability Analyst; Vini possess a strong passion for creativity and perfection. For the past 20 years, she has breathed the "online creative world". She was instrumental in envisioning and setting up the Center of Excellence for User experience Design at HCL Technology and has been exposed to designing interfaces for various industry domains. She strongly believes in "Follow no rules as creativity cannot be governed by rules!"

National Award

Exemplary Women Leadership

Enterprise Solutions 2023

Vini Gupta

Co-Founder & Director, Unikove Technologies

Co-Founder & Director, Unikove Technologies
Awarded by the Government of India and supported by the Government of Maharashtra

Awarded by the Government of India and supported by the
Government of Maharashtra