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Over the years, we have aligned a major proportion of our team to focus on developing solutions that cater to the enterprise market. Our experience as a diversified provider (across platforms, industry segments and customer base) has enabled us to build success stories in the enterprise segment. We understand the know-how of business processes and our system integration experience provides us the edge; to give our customers a seamless solution.

Our customized Enterprise Solutions assist our customer’s; to reduce operational costs, extend capabilities, and sustain profitability through integrating automation in their business processes.

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Unikove Technologies enterprise team helps answer today’s issues, anticipates tomorrow’s needs and builds next-generation solutions. Our key focus areas include:

  • 01. Business / Technology Consulting

    Our business & technology analysts, have a futuristic vision that guides innovative solutions, that would help transform your business through implementation of new technologies.

  • 02. Usability Engineering & Prototyping

    Navigation and ease of use are central to getting business users to use and adopt enterprise systems. Our team specializes in user centered analysis and adopts the best practices of human interface design for each platform.

  • 03. Enterprise Mobility

    Being a fore runner in mobility, we engage with our customers and revise the methods of engagement and system integrations. Our focus is to deliver highly customized Mobile Apps built with security solutions that improves processes.

  • 04. Product Engineering

    We enable custom digital transformation that helps organizations in unlocking productivity gains and earning a competitive advantage. Our team focuses on building revolutionary products that can survive in the ever-changing digital world.

  • 05. Enterprise System Integration

    Our team has expertise integrating with all key enterprise systems including SAP,, Custom ERP/CRMs and various content management systems. We have the capability to manage complex business processes and data aggregation requirements.

  • 06. Analysis and Dashboard

    We build custom data analytics solutions that provide analysis that helps businesses in strategy and operations. With a combination of data visualization, BI, advance analytics and machine learning, we offer dashboards & metrics to clients empowering them to make informed decisions.

  • 07. Product Maintenance and Support

    We provide on-going technical support that is crucial for any enterprise project for their long term success.

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