As of 2021, mobile app technology is virtually unstoppable. Their usefulness and popularity are just some reasons drawing users to them. With increasing business requirements and a focus on customer preferences being the key factors increasing the demand for mobile app development, business owners have started viewing Mobile Apps as the gateway to increase customer reach and profitability. While planning for a mobile app it is imperative to follow the trend, all successful apps on Google’s Play store or Apple’s App store follow the ongoing trend at the time of their release.

Here are some interesting mobile app development trends for 2021 and the coming years.

Cognitive AI and Intelligent Chatbots

The development of Artificial Intelligence has taken the technology world and other industries by storm. By combining facial recognition/identification and voice recognition, AI technology can predict a user’s behavior, identify objects and ensure high-end security feature integration. Integrating Ai with chatbots allows businesses to have real-time interactions with end-users.

Instant Apps

A small-sized, instant app is a trend all in itself. Users can experience features of the app before downloading it and based on their prior experience, users can decide whether to install the app or not. Instant apps can be anticipated to be in great demand.

5G Implementation

5G is a brand new network architecture that revolutionizes the way the network ecosystem works. 5G connectivity has made mobile app functionality more efficient, boosting the overall business productivity of both developers and users. With the help of 5G, developers will be able to implement 3D models, AR/VR and other new features without compromising the app’s performance.

Mobile Wallets

Cash and cards have primarily been our go to mode of payment in the past. Technology has slowly removed our dependency on the need for physical money or cards. Regardless of the size of the transaction, Mobile wallets have made everything a matter of a few clicks. With the advent of mobile wallets, the mobile industry is transforming with secured and fast money transaction service offerings.

Biometric Authentication

Unlike other security features, biometrics combined with great authentication methods offer an advanced security feature. Mobile app developers are more likely to implement TouchID and FaceID features to apps to enhance security.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT describes the growing network of devices connected to the Internet, providing convenience and automated control to consumers. Smart home technology is the best example for the Internet of Things, allowing users to remotely access smart devices, bulbs, switches and appliances.

Development for Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are yet to reach their full potential, though the technology has been around for some years now. In 2021, more Mobile Apps will be made with wearables in mind. Users will be able to download tens of thousands of apps directly from their wrist.

Employing some, if not all of the above mentioned trends in your next app will ensure an elevated User experience and keep you ahead of the competition.